For as far back as I care to remember I have always had a ‘want’ to know ‘why’.
What lies behind the picture, what makes things work, why do things work, can I see the wiring under the board?

As a child, every toy I had was scrutinised and ultimately dismantled to satiate this curiosity (not all of them were reassembled successfully though), probably the only surviving toys from this period are not suprisingly Lego and Meccano as these come in a form that can’t be broken down to any smaller constituents and lead to the opposite ‘art’ of create and build.

This curiosity has never left me and is still a source of wonder and joy in how I view the world around me, even more so in my later years as I seem to have developed a better understanding and a greater appreciation.

This blog is directed at giving me an outlet for that and hopefully some of this will rub off on you, the reader.


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